I couldn’t be more pleased with the terrific job Ray and Betty Duran and their team did for us! We received multiple offers within the first few days and were able to get top dollar for our home in Montebello. Their experience and professional approach toward their marketing and sales strategy was brilliant. They were always available to answer any questions and kept us informed. It was a pleasure to work with them. If anyone is in need of a great team for their real estate needs, I strongly recommend giving Ray and Betty a call. They are simply the best! Thank you, Ray and Betty.


Ray, Betty and their team were outstanding in helping me purchase my first home. They guided me through the whole process and made themselves available to answer any questions or concern I had. I would highly recommend Ray Betty and their team to any family and friend.


Hi Im Gonzalo Martinez and recently bought a home in Fontana, CA from Ray & Betty Duran. I & my family are extremly thankful to them for giving us their trust, humbleness and confidence during the process on buying my home. I will totally recommend them to everyone that i know.


When we decided to sell our house in Los Angeles, my wife and I hadn’t yet agreed on a new location to call home. We felt very limited with our first real estate agent who showed us only local listings; we didn’t know where we wanted to go but we knew we wanted a change from L.A. Ray and Betty Duran, however, were very open to searching beyond local listings and provided thorough information from various communities around southern CA. Their commitment to finding our new home for the right price was impeccable and speedy. We’re very happy to call Ontario our new home. Thank you Ray and Betty for keeping our best interests in mind, I highly recommend this team for any real estate needs!

ulises maldonado

Earlier this year, my husband and I decided to sell our home in East Los Angeles. We contracted a real estate agent as recommended by a family member, but unfortunately, his services left much to be desired. After weeks on the market, we were unsuccessful in selling. We decided that maybe it was not the right time to sell, but then Ray and Betty Duran contacted us during a critical time and came through in helping us make this change we desperately needed. I was very impressed by their level of professionalism and optimism in selling our home. With their extensive knowledge of the industry and my community, Ray and Betty worked vigorously to sell our home at a great price and at half the time we spent with the other agent! I highly recommend Ray and Betty Duran’s team, you’ll be provided with nothing but the most courteous and knowledgeable customer service full of integrity!

silva yanely

Ray, Betty, and Team were extremely helpful. Not only did they prove that they had a lot of experience in the field. But they also showed a lot of empathy towards what I was looking for. Although I was extremely nervous on this being my first home both Betty and Ray explained my options and made me feel comfortable.

I definitely felt they fought to help me get the best deal. Thanks a lot once again Ray, Betty and team for helping me find my first home in Fontana!


First time home buyer had the best experience. All my questions were answered and was well taken care off. I truly recommend to work with Ray with all his years of experience you are in great hands. I will most definitely contact him again in the near further to buy my next home.


We are so glad that we were introduced to Ray Duran as he completely held our hand through the whole process.

As I was new to the home buying process, Ray patiently was able to articulate and explain the process from the beginning to the end. Ray provided all the comparisons of homes right away so as help us understand the market, what our home was worth, and what we could afford.

He wanted us to get the best price for my wife’s first home and for us to truly understand our financial options. He not only helped explain information that our bank provided us, but he also connected us with a different lender who was much more attentive. He encouraged us to really look at all levels of our possible mortgage options. We were trying to be conservative in our payments, so we tried to stay on the low end of options, but with lots of conferences with Ray and the lender we realized we had more options.

Ray did a fabulous job while orchestrating the sale of our previous home, the buying of our new home, and our work and child care schedules. He did this so that we could be in our new home before we left for a trip we had planned before we even decided to sell.

We had a very specific area in which we wanted to purchase and Ray was patient in showing us everything that popped up right away whether it be on weekends or weekdays. He even showed me the same home separately from my wife at different times as we both have hectic schedules.

Ray held our hands through the inspection of our new home, explained the process, and negotiated fixes that we requested be made. He helped to explain things further to the seller of our new home as her agent was not present during the home inspection process.

Additionally, after all was said and done and we had officially moved into our new home, Ray still answered our emails and phone calls right away when we had a couple of questions about finances. He even helped with connecting us with the buyers/sellers of our old/new home so that any left over mail could be sent out to the proper parties.

Before, during, and after the purchase of our new and beautiful home, I felt comforted in knowing that Ray was our agent!


We are so glad that we were introduced to Ray, as he totally was the reason we were able to sell our home and buy a new home all within days of each other.

Example #1: Ray was able to articulate and explain the process from the beginning to the end – repeatedly. He basically explained the process using a coloring book without making us feel incompetent. We knew we were in for a good ride because when he first met with us, he provided all the comparisons for our area. It was a good eye-opener and helped us to understand the market for our area. He did this all before we even signed to work with him.

Example #2: It was obvious that Ray wanted us to get the most bang for our buck and for us to truly understand our financial options. He not only helped explain information that my bank provided me, but he also connected me with a different lender who was much more attentive. He encouraged us to really look at all levels of our possible mortgage options. We were trying to be conservative in our payments, so we tried to stay on the low end of options, but with lots of conferences with Ray and the lender we realized we had more options. It was a great learning experience — even coming from this frugal person!

Example #3: We tasked Ray with a real heavy load. Not only did he have the job to help us sell our home, buy a home with hopes of not moving into temporary lodging, he orchestrated this all before we left for a family trip. He really pulled the strings and his years of experience really showed.

Example #4: Ray is so skilled in his negotiations that he helped us navigate a touchy situation in selling our home. He was able to work out the situation with the buyer of our home, their agent, and with minimal bloodshed on our end. Ray was able to make things work very well so that everyone was not only satisfied but comfortable with the negotiation.

Example #5: Just as a side observation, we saw that Ray not only taught us tips of real estate, but I saw how the other agents learned from him. They asked questions, and when he offered advice, they were listening. It is always awesome to see an experienced professional share his/her knowledge so that everyone can benefit. On this same note, one additional moment was when we went for our inspection. The seller came home early, right when the inspector was about to finish up and give final report. The seller was going to excuse herself, but Ray encouraged the seller to stay as it pertained to her home and so that she could talk about findings with her agent. The seller was surprised she could be there for the sharing out, but it was simply Ray encouraging good practice for real estate.

Example #6: When we prepared our home for open house, Ray was instrumental in providing us ideas for those little touches that really make it a powerful open house. He wasn’t looking for a well stage home, he was encouraging us to help the potential buyer to see themselves in the home. He really helped us to see the importance of a blank slate feel rather than a fake set up.

When looking for a realtor, I hope this information is helpful!
I wish I would have known about this rating system before so I could have written other good practices from Ray and his team. Ray did so well for us and all of his hard work did not go unnoticed!


We used Ray Duran as our buying agent to purchase a house in La Puente recently. Escrow closed in June 2018. He is a great negotiator to get us the house even though there were multiple offers. Some offers had higher offer prices than us. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the real estate field, he convinced the sellers’ agent to accept our offer. During the escrow period, he guided us through every step to ensure a smooth closing. He co-ordinated with the escrow company, the loan agent and the seller with great skills. He answered many of our questions during the process. We are very happy with his professional service and highly recommend him to any prospective home buyer or investor. We have been looking for properties since 2012 with no success. We were outbid most of the times. Ray is the first agent who finally got us the house. Thumbs up overall. AAA rating!!!


Our best decision was having Ray Duran III represent us. Every goal that he said he anticipated, he exceeded. Communication was excellent, we knew every single step of the way what was going on and any question was answered promptly. From Open House to Escrow in literally 3 days and since he had done pre-screening and verification, our choices were clear and it was literally effortless. And the outcome was way better than we could have anticipated. I’m sure that we were not their only client, yet that’s how we were treated. The work that was done before we even entered Escrow made the entire process smooth, and that was down to Ray. We would absolutely recommend Ray to anyone either looking or selling. We cannot thank Ray and his associates enough!


Ray was very helpful in teaching us the home buying process, from the beginning. This was our first home purchase and every step of the way Ray kept us updated on the process and was always available and willing to answer questions and clear up any concerns we had.

Highly recommend Ray and his team. Very experienced and made the process of closing the purchase easy.

jm jordan23

Ray is an experienced and knowledgeable realtor. He helped me put together a few offers on other properties and we worked together until I got this one. He is very attentive and will basically walk you through the entire process. He will promptly answer any questions or concerns. He makes sure everyone is on the same page to avoid any delays and will negotiate in your best interest. I will recommend his services to family and friends.


I worked with Ray Duran Junior and Betty Duran on the purchase of my home in Altadena. Ray was very responsive, professional, notified me of every step in the process, anticipated the next move and took care of it i.e. permits houses of interest if he thought there might be an issue. He did this without me having to ask. He had excellent customer service and was very diligent in getting what I wanted. I highly recommend working with both Ray and Betty.


My wife and I are so extremely fortunate to have worked with Ray and Betty Duran and their team. They represented us as a Buyer’s agent for the purchase of our first home in Montebello, CA.

Last year, before we met Ray and Betty’s team, my wife and I spent over 6 agonizing months in the home buying process with over a couple dozen rejected offers. We were so heartbroken, that we almost called it quits.

Fast forward to this year, where we decided to start our home search again in January. On our first day, we met Ray at an open house, and our lives changed forever. The Duran team, with decades of industry experience, are so knowledgeable, savvy, friendly, and helpful. Best of all, they are closers.

Here is a brief description of our first appointment with Ray (the day after we first met his team): My wife and I had initially scheduled an appointment with Ray for 3 days after we saw him at an open house. We actually called him the next day and asked if he was available to move our appointment up. Ray had us come by and meet him around lunchtime. He had already selected a few neighborhoods and homes, and had made several appointments for us in the few hours after we called him. On this tour, my wife and I fell in love with one home in particular. Ray went back inside after we toured the home to get a pulse from the seller’s agent. We found out that the sellers had not had an open house yet, and that the house was very new on the market. As soon as we got in the car, we started discussing a strong offer strategy. I put Ray in touch with our mortgage brokers, and he let them know everything that he needed from them to present the strongest possible offer to the sellers. That very next morning our offer was accepted. The sellers did not counter anything in the contract that Ray drew up.

All that I just described happened within a day. My wife and I were simply stunned and amazed at how easy the process started to unfold. And it only got easier after that.

We closed within 30 days of our accepted offer, and half of that time my wife and I took a previously planned anniversary vacation to Europe. Ray and Betty’s team took care of everything for us, and made the home buying process a walk in the park.

There were a couple of items that could have ballooned into larger issues (as with any Real Estate closing) had not Ray and Betty’s team negotiated solutions to keep the deal moving smoothly. My wife and I were very happy to have the Duran team in our corner as the process progressed.

The continued support of the Duran team after we had closed is something else that we value. I feel that this was a genuine friendship that has developed, and my wife and I will never forget all that Ray and Betty’s team has done for us.

For any other new buyers, we strongly recommend Ray and Betty Duran and their expert team. They will truly wow you and make you realize that buying a home in Southern California can be a great experience.

In closing, we’d just like to say to Ray, you are an amazing Realtor, and we would give you and your team 10 stars if we could!


Ray & Betty Duran helped us sale our property in La Puente in less than 14 days. The experience was not as stressful as we thought it would be since Ray treated us like family throughout the entire process. Signing documents was easy since most of it was done through email. I want to recommend Ray & Betty since they are knowledgeable and most reputable in their field.

eliza flo

Ray and Betty Duran hustle to sell my home. They were responsive, professional, and got the job done in less than 30 days. I would recommend them as Realtors.


I was a first time buyer looking for a very specific type of house, for months Ray worked diligently to find me that said house. Not only that but he went above and beyond in giving me all the information I needed to make a informed decision on whether to buy or not. In short from beginning to end he was helpful and knowledgeable about any question or concern that I may have had. Thanks again for your help.


Ray Duran and his team did a fantastic job on the purchase of our property. He represented us as buyers all the way, and was always looking into the best interest for us. His experience in the industry made the difference between securing the purchase, or falling down the drain. It was a tough transaction, but he never gave up. Now in days, is hard to find dedicated agents who will do whatever it takes to close a deal, and that for sure is Ray. I strongly suggest anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a property, to give Ray and his team a call, and you wont be disappointed.


I would like to thank Mr. Duran and his team for the excellent job in selling my house in Los Angeles. Their knowledge and expertise are impressive, with only one open house he closed the transaction in approximate a month and most important, over the listing price! I highly recommend Mr. Duran and his team.


I was in the process of being the administrator to my father’s estate. I contact Ray Duran III and after speaking to him I listed the home for sale. Ray Duran III, and his father and grandfather that I met at the open house impressed me by their presentation, knowledgeable, understanding, honest and extremely thorough. I was very confident with Ray Duran III and he answered all my questions and answered all my calls. He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure to work with him he went above and beyond and the house sold with several offers within a week I highly recommend him.


Ramon was a great realtor. He was understanding to my needs. He took the time to show us around. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

eddie vindiola

Ray and Betty were very helpful and eager in finding me the right home. Betty always went out of her way to show me a variety of homes. Betty helped me envision myself living in the home with my family. Ray ensured we got a the best deal in our buy.


We want to thank Ray and Betty Duran and their team for doing such a great job in selling my family’s home in Montebello. They had the years of experience and patience we were looking for in a realtor. We thought selling a home would be extremely stressful but with the guidance and expertise Ray and Betty’s team provided us, it turned out to be a seamless and stress-free transaction. Our house sold in only a few days and for thousands over list price just like he said it would. We would HIGHLY recommend Ray and his team to anyone we know that needs help in selling their home. They really did a fantastic job. Thanks again, Ray and Betty.


Mr. Ray Duran lll was very attentive to needs answered any and all questions I had related to property for sale promptly. He kept me posted on sale activity every step of the way. His professionalism was greatly appreciated. Thank You, Mr. Duran and Team
Sincerely Delia Hunt

Ernestina Gutierrez

Ray Duran helped my family sell our 2 unit home in El Sereno. Prior to choosing Ray, our home was on the market with another agent for 6 months and was unable to sell. As a result, I was extremely careful in choosing another agent. After meeting with Ray, I knew he was the agent my family needed to sell our property. He was highly knowledgable and most importantly, experienced. He told us exactly what to expect without any fluff or sales pitches. Throughout the sales process, he kept us informed of the status. Ray does a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure you get the best offer. He also does not waste any time, the property opened escrow a little after 2 weeks and the entire process was seamless. My family is extremely happy and relieved that we were able to finally sell the property! I highly recommend Ray Duran and plan to hire him again when I purchase my new home in the future. He is an agent you can trust!!!


Ray was referred to me by a friend. I really didn’t know what to expect, having sold homes in the past with other real estate companies. Wow, I was very impressed with his expertise in the field. Ray delivered exactly what he said he would do. Sold my home quickly and always kept in constant contact with me. Gave me a great experience and I now recommend him to everyone I know looking to sell or buy a home.


Being first time home buyers our experience with Ray exceeded our expectations. He was very understanding to our needs and captured our thoughts on the types of homes we were looking for. He was very helpful and always responded to any questions we had. We looked at many homes before finding the “one”, throughout the process not once did we feel pressured to make a decision about a property. I would definitely recommend Ray and his team.

MariaDe Leon9

The best decision we made was to team up with Ray and Betty Duran. They have a great team who kept us in the loop at all times. Our house was sold within 30 days much to our satisfaction with the price and terms. Great job team Duran and Thank You.


Ray and his team not only helped my mom sell her house which another agent was not able to do but they helped us buy our new home in Pico Rivera. They were always available to answer any questions and concerns we had and gave very full and detailed explanations so that as a first-time buyer we understood everything that was going on. One of the biggest things that I appreciated from ray and his team, was the no pressure to buy the first thing that came along attitude.

This being the first home we were purchasing we didn’t want to just take the first thing we saw and ray and his team understood that and we never felt that he was just trying to make a sale with us, which is huge. They made sure we liked what we were seeing and if we didn’t like it there was no push to just take it anyway because it was there. That made the shopping experience much more pleasant.

Overall our experience with ray and his team was top notch and you will be doing yourself a great service by utilizing them in your search for a new home or even if you are looking to sell your home, they can get it done. Ray and his team are highly recommended by this new homeowner.


Ray was very professional and yet friendly. He was very responsive, always making time for my hectic schedule to visit properties or to meet up to discuss forms. He was definitely patient with me. Due to my busy and unpredictable schedule, I was late with replying to him, signing forms, etc. but he exhibited patience and trust. Also as a first-time home buyer, he was thorough and patient with explaining forms, processes, and the ins and outs of the real estate world. I would definitely recommend Ray to anyone who wants to find their dream house!

kim cantos110

Ray Duran and his team more than exceeded our expectations. They were very patient with us and listened to what we where looking for. He and his wife Betty were extremely honest, which made us feel comfortable and set a level of trust that we haven’t had with anyone else. He found a great home for us and we are more than grateful with him and his entire team. We are very happy and can now say we found our perfect home.

blue rascal19

It was a pleasure working with Ray and his team. They are all very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I definitely recommend him and his team. He helped my family and I so much to purchase a home.

adri velasco07

mi Nombre es Octavio Fletes yo fui recomendado con Ray Duran lo que puedo decir que cuando yo able con Ray estaba seguro con el mucha amabilidad mucho profecionalismo se me ocurría una pregunta sin importar el día ahi estaban ellos Bety y Ray esta por cumplirse el año que me ayudaron y aun están ahi para alludarme puedo poner aquí infinidad de alluda que me dieron nada mas me resta de nuevo darles las gracias a Bety y Ray Duran por ser como son gracias de nuevo


My experience with this realtor was superb. I advised him that I wanted to buy a house and he made me feel like I was his only customer. Always made time. Found me my house ASAP. Very professional.